Tuesday, May 3, 2011

mother's day wishlist

am i a mother? no.
but i eventually will be, so... there.

i actually have four great reasons of why i am allowed to make a mother's day wishlist
(originally thought up in 2009). 1- i'm married, one step closer to motherhood. 2- i will have children eventually. 3- the birthing process is frightening. 4- being pregnant post-blood clot with a blood mutation is especially complicated (shots twice a day! eeek!)

so jeremyyyyyyyyyy... here are some ideas:
(if you get me a mother's day present... you get a father's day present!!)

a resistance band or bright running shorts

orange sandals or yellow flats

lovely smelling lotion

or funky colored nail polish

so there you go! hey mom... can we get a list from you?


Jessica said...

Wow, I am clearly not taking full advantage of my mother status! Not to mention I did the whole FVL high-risk pregnancy shot thing. I need to learn to work this to its full potential. ;)

Katie said...

yes, jessica... you need to take FULL advantage this mother's day!

MONster said...

Oh, no. You shouldn't have shown me those yellow flats. I love them.