Monday, June 13, 2011

coral and green

sometimes at the end of the day,
i look into the mirror and think to myself,
"you wore that today?"
am i the only one?

it's a good day, when i still
like my outfit after i get home from work.
ok - everyday is a good day, but it's just extra
fun when i love my clothes


today was one of those good days.
i just love what i wore. the coral
and green combo is one of my favorites,
because it's nice and bright. the ensemble
was also perfect for this sunny summer
weather we are having.

now like a cool fashion blogger...
shirt: target, skirt: gap outlet,
moccasins: land's end


Erica said...

The colors in this outfit are so pretty! And those moccasins are lands end? They sure are stepping it up.

MONster said...

Love the dots. Love the colors.

Lacey said...

katie you look awesome! Fit as a fiddle! That 1/2 marathon training looks like it paid off. :)

And I like the brightness of the outfit too! :)