Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Must-Dos Before We Move

run a 1/2 marathon (haha)
play tennis

make delicious homemade ice cream
float the river
go golfing

get shave ice
enjoy a full moon lift ride at sundance
walk to sammy's for italian sodas
play frisbee
get ice cream from the creamery
visit bridal veil falls
domino and rootbeer float party
hit up seven peaks
play catch

picnic in the mountains

eat cinnamon rolls from shirley's
visit the farmer's market
shakes & cheese fries from shiver's
(a favorite from my childhood)

am i missing anything? we move in 7 weeks... (crazy!)
let the summer-fun begin!
or continue rather.


Jessica said...

Hold your tongue! 7 weeks?? No!!! What are we going to do without you guys?

So I overheard Joey Sorenson tell one of the kids in your class last week, "You got the Clovers? Lucky! They're the BEST teachers!"

Kayla said...

I'd say hiking squaw peak is pretty great. It's one of my favorite things to do in the summer. Just before you get to the top, after you emerge from the forest you've been hiking through, there's a HUGE meadow of yellow wildflowers. Beautiful. I can't wait until the snow melts enough!


It's funny how many of your must do's have to do with FOOD! A girl after my own heart!!!


Katie said...

we got to hit up our favorite local places! they won't have sammy's in boston. :(

Leslie said...

I am using your list for things to do this summer when we move to Provo!!! :) Thanks for the tips! And good luck in Boston! We are so happy for you guys!! What a great adventure!!