Monday, June 6, 2011

am i ready for this?

the half-marathon is fast approaching.

we are talking 5 days! AAAHHHHHHH!
(and you know i didn't fit my long run in on saturday while i was in vegas and my clothes were in salt lake)

but i'm sure it will be great. i have three short runs this week mixed in with more rest until the big day. i am excited! well, excited and nervous. i'm excited for the cool shirt they give me and the fancy medal i get when i finish, i'm excited for all the food i can eat after running that far, and i'm excited to accomplish such a distance with my own little leggies. i'm nervous because i have to get up really early (ridiculously early) and run farther than i have ever run in my life. whew! i think i can do it!

i think i will be spending the week trying to remain calm as the race day arrives.

any tips for the week of the race from you running pros?


Kamy said...

Make sure you REALLY hydrate the day before and also read up on things you should eat to recover. They say that chocolate milk is a really good to drink after. Good luck!

Amber said...

Whoa, so exciting! I agree with what Kamy said...definitely hydrate! I'm so inspired, I've been wanting to run long distance for a while as a hobby, and have yet to start. Good luck!

Jill said...

I am so proud of you. Do you have a bright orange tank top you are going to wear? I always like to wear something new and really bright for a race. Make sure you get everything figured out the night before for clothes and your hair and stuff so you don't have to think about anything that morning. When you get to the start, just get in line for a porta potty and stay there. You are going to have to pee! And then get back in line and go again until you really have to get to the start line. At least that's how I am.

When it gets hard at the end and you are tired, just look for slow people or walking people you can pick off. That's what I do. I feel better knowing I am at least faster than "that" girl or guy.

I am so excited for you! I totally started crying at the start line of my first 1/2 marathon. It was so emotional to know that I had gone from a complete non-runner to a girl who could run 13 miles!

Text me your time when you are done. You can do it!