Sunday, June 5, 2011

recent flight fiascos

where have i been?

i skipped work (don't worry my boss approved my out of office auto-reply email) and i went to boston to interview for my field placement in the fall. the interviews went great and i got offered two internships on the spot. so that was fun, but the actual traveling to and fro was a MESS... and it just got worse and worse! (and then it got better)

i have been on an airplane every day for the last four days. on wednesday, a delayed flight made me miss my layover in denver, so i was sent to baltimore instead. after three hours of sleep in a hotel i had to pay for, i had an early morning flight into boston on thursday and arrived 20 minutes late to my first interview. friday, i was taken off of my flight minutes before it took off because of some computer error saying i wasn't cleared to fly (and i still don't understand what that was all about... they just kept apologizing). the problem was solved literally seconds after the "door-that-can't-be-opened-after-it's-shut" was closed. with silent tears streaming down my face, i had to watch the last flight to salt lake take off with my bag on it without me. after i collected myself and was ready to face another human being, i asked if they could get me to vegas. they were thrilled with that idea. i think they were just happy i wasn't screaming at them, because they (told me so and) gave me money for dinner in the airport, a $200 voucher for a future flight, a pre-boarding pass so i could board the plane first, they sent me to vegas for the night, and let me pick a later flight from vegas to salt lake so i could spend more time with my family (which was just perfect!). the people were great and super nice. at this point i was sure i was home free, but of course today's flight home, my last flight of the experience, was delayed an hour and half. jeremy wasn't too happy about that... the cute boy just wanted me to finally come home.

it has sure been a stressful four days - the trip was stressful before the flight fiascos began.
i am so glad i'm home... and i really don't want to step into an airport for a while.

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MJ said...

My last flights back east were the same. Delta. I vowed I would never take a flight that wasn't nonstop again. Sorry, I know your frustration.