Wednesday, June 1, 2011

WISHLIST wednesday: No. 2

i love these sweet key chains and they are totally customizable!

i have wanted a custom stamped key chain for quite a while. i want one that has the latitude and longitude coordinates stamped on it of where jeremy and i got married (40.770455,-111.891906) or where we first kissed (40.250953, -111.657971). wouldn't that be so fun? it would just look like a bunch of numbers, but it would mean so much more. i found this great site that finds coordinates... just enter an address and shaBAM! it spits out your coordinates.

check out the key chains here!

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will and lori said...

Oh MY Gosh...thanks Katie...I can always count on you! SO needed a gift for my nephew for graduation and had NO idea what to give him. Wanted it to be personal, something he could have that would always remind him that we love him and something unique...THANK YOU...this is WHY I follow your blog. Get those lungs ready for the summer humidity! Lori Ales