Saturday, June 25, 2011

rash decisions

i had a lot of success at the farmer's market today.

i went with the intention of buying nothing, but after sampling some local raw honey from the sweetest old man i quickly dropped $6 on a pound of it - rash decision #1. it was tasty and i needed honey, so i couldn't be happier about it. then i decided to rock the feather trend when i walked past a tattooed lady that was doing it for $7 - rash decision #2. and i think it's FABULOUS! and so will my family i'm sure, since the purple is now out.

the farmer's market is my favorite and
sometimes rash decisions are the best kind

i wonder when jeremy will notice...


Amanda & Joshua said...

Very nice! I've had feathers for awhile now and I love them!

Barb said...

Much better than purple!

Leslie said...

where is the farmers market? I would love to check it out now that I live here! :)