Friday, June 24, 2011

these summer nights

aren't they beautiful?
i just can't get enough.

every night the summer air seems to be calling out to me for milk shakes or shave ice. that's tough when i am trying to save desserts only for the weekends (which went awesome last week, but not so awesome on tuesday. the weekend is just about here though, so bring on the tastiest desserts you got!).

instead of getting treats last night, jeremy and i played tennis for over two hours. a big chunk of that time was spent under the beautiful pink and blue sunset. it was a gorgeous sight. possibly more gorgeous because i was winning? i think so. i loved every second of it. i really forgot how much i love tennis. nothing like working up a big sweat with my lover. if i played tennis every night for the rest of the summer, i would be a happy camper. well, maybe less camper-ish and just better at tennis, but it would be a summer full of fun for sure.

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Melanie said...

I'm pretty sure I declare my love for warm summer nights every evening. I never get tired of them!