Sunday, July 31, 2011

pot guts and rock chucks

we spent the weekend at the family ranch by strawberry reservoir.

it started out as my great-grandpa's cattle and sheep ranch and my dad would herd the sheep during the summer when he was little. he always talks about shooting pot guts and rock chucks. (i guess rock chucks are bigger versions of pot guts.) now it is more of a summer ranch house. we love going there. i remember learning to play dominoes with my great grandma verland, riding horses with my cousins, and hiking to the pond. the ranch house is filled with so many memories.

oh and check out jeremy's face:
while shooting a 308 rifle, the scope clocked jeremy in between the eyes. but he hit the soda can from 300 yards away on the same shot, so he was a happy camper. i think he just wanted to be like me. luckily stitches weren't required in his case.

it was a fun weekend.


Barb said...

Love the post! It was such a fun weekend! xoxoxo

Rhett Maurice Billen said...

Yay! Now Jeremy and I can have twin scars!!!