Monday, August 1, 2011

and... we're OFF!

so long, provo!

well, BYU... thanks for the fun. i'm glad i got to meet my hot husband here and get some good education. i am excited to go learn some more, i love school! also, thanks for the job while i was waiting for the boy to graduate... i had a blast and met the greatest people.

sayonara little apartment 46! (i just found out that sayonara was a japanese word... totally thought it was spanish!! whoops!) thanks for being our home for the past 2 and a half years. you were our first little place and what a fun place it has been?! we loved the ward and especially the primary kids. we will miss our fun neighborhood!

we will always love provo! it is where we first met, kissed (hehe!), fell in love, and lived as married folk. it is now a piece of our little history. we have family in utah, so we will be back to visit for sure. i'm glad i can say "see ya later!"

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