Tuesday, August 2, 2011

unemployed and homeless

a lot happened yesterday.

yesterday... jeremy and richie headed out on their cross country road trip. they are troopers and they are having a blast. they made it to omaha last night and today they are already on the road to st. louis to visit family for a couple of days. anytime i call they are laughing or "harmonizing"... it cracks me up.

yesterday... i checked out of our first little apartment and said good-bye to our humble abode (luckily, we cleaned it well enough... that was stressing me out!). at the end of the day, i said good-bye to my work buddies and hopped in the car to vegas. you see, i finally finished packing my own stuff, so this week i am helping my mom pack her stuff. just can't get enough of the fun.

i really think we planned this perfectly. jeremy and richie get some brotherly bonding while they drive for days on end, while i get to hang out with my family for a few days and then just fly out to meet the cute boy in baltimore for the weekend (where his parents live). genius! i will drive with jeremy from baltimore to boston next week, so i get in on some of the road tripping, too.

so i am officially unemployed and homeless and as happy as can be. the adventure has begun!


April said...

have a wonderful time! so happy for you guys - let the adventure outside of provo begin!

Allison and Eric said...

I miss you already but am excited to hear about all of the fun things you'll be doing in Boston. Plus, I can't wait to come visit!

lizzie said...

how exciting! there is nothing better then a great adventure! :)