Thursday, July 21, 2011

save your pennies

for reals. (or give them to me)

the other day jeremy and i took our change jar to smith's to trade our pennies for dollar bills. before we made the switch we tried to guess how much money we had collected in coins. jeremy guessed $15, i guessed $7, and then jeremy changed his guess to $10 (funny boy). the ordinary mason jar was only half full of coins and we had long since fished out all of the valuable quarters to assist with laundry (don't we just LOVE scrounging around for quarters) - so i thought a mere $7 would scream success.

well, weren't we pleasantly surprised when the total came to $19.05!?! who knew!!? it was AWESOME. a little secret, although the machine told us upfront, if you want bills back, coinstar takes 9.8% of your hard earned pennies. but if you choose to get a gift card to gap (or amazon, itunes, etc. - which i HIGHLY recommend) there is NO service fee! sha-BAM!

best idea of my life. save your pennies... trade them in for clothes.
i can't wait to start the change jar in boston.

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