Sunday, August 28, 2011

at least the lights flickered

jeremy has declared miss irene "a bust!"

he wanted at least a major power outage with all this hype. the storm ended up going west of us and hitting other places pretty hard. hope everyone is doing ok! the lights flickered a couple of times at our place (while i was in the shower of course and i was certain jeremy was messing with me), but besides lots of rain and some wind, that was all that came our way. church was cancelled as of last night, so today was even more laid back than normal sundays. we did have a mini scripture lesson amongst ourselves and go outside to walk in the rain, but besides that we were just bumming it all day. princess bride was jeremy's movie of choice this afternoon - he proceeded to sleep through the whole thing, but i enjoyed it. i also got everything organized for school. boy, am i excited! and a little nervous! i got the SWEETEST backpack for school - since i NEED a new backpack for grad school and all (it took me a whole week to convince jeremy i needed one, although i still don't think he is convinced). you will have to wait until my first day of school for the big reveal, which will be friday. aahhhhhhh! hint: it's BRIGHT! only a couple more days of doing nothing before we have LOTS and LOTS to do. wow... i am doing some major rambling. maybe it's the lack of human interaction i have had today - we did play games with some other couples that live here and had a blast. i think i made some friends, guys. woot woot!

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