Tuesday, August 30, 2011

officially oriented

today jeremy and i each had orientation.
(well, orientation started. jeremy's is 4 days, mine is 2.)

mine was great! i am so excited to start school. the whole thing reassured me that social work is what i want to do. in my two year program, i will go to class two days a week and then go to my internship the other three days of the week. this year i will be interning at a residential treatment program for teenage boys overcoming substance abuse. oh yeah, this will be a grand adventure!

jeremy had a good time at his orientation, too. he had to go all alone on "family day" poor guy, luckily we have our buddies amber and ryan here (ryan is also going to dental school). funny story: i got a text from amber around lunch time that said, "Someone asked if we were Jeremy's parents. What?" HILARIOUS! i couldn't believe it! i got the full story later. amber and ryan were sitting next to jeremy at lunch and another student's mom was next to amber. she leaned over to ask amber, "is he your oldest or youngest?" her eyes popped out of her head as confusion ensued. she straightened that mom out and informed her that both of the boys were in dental school. how nuts! how could amber have a son the same age as her?? so crazy! don't worry amber, you do NOT look old enough to have a child in dental school.... AT ALL!

anyway, it was a good day! here we are in our new shirts:
woot woot!

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