Friday, August 19, 2011


sam comes home in 5 days!
aaaahhhhhh! florida has hogged that boy for far too long. i can't wait to skype with him!!!

school starts in 2 weeks! and i am so excited. i love going to school, although it has been WAY fun bumming around playing tennis and hanging out by the pool. i get to go shopping for my school supplies, too. so fun. maybe i will go to school forever, i just love it. we will see about that once i am in the middle of the semester and knee deep in deadlines.

my birthday is in exactly 1 month! woot woot! did you know that i LOVE my birthday?!? love Love LOVE it. maybe it's the presents or because jeremy calls me "birthday girl" ALL day long... he's the sweetest.

we got some pretty exciting stuff going on these days...

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