Monday, September 19, 2011

every year is my favorite

today was my birthday! YAY!

{self portrait at 23}
last year's here.

it was kind of a busy day with my birthday being on a monday. it was the
first day of my internship for school and jeremy had a full day of classes. we pretty
much celebrated the whole weekend though which was great. maybe we will celebrate
the rest of the week, too (that sounds AWESOME!). tonight we...

opened presents,

blew out 23 bright candles (woot woot!),

and ate cake and ice cream.
we had our famous wafer cake with black raspberry ice cream.
it was DELICIOUS! more info on the awesome cake here.

i am officially 23! the last year has been so exciting, it was my favorite.
but every year is my favorite, so i can't wait to see what the next year brings!
thanks jeremy (and family & friends) for making my birthday so awesome!


Kersey Campbell said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I must try that cake sometime. Looks amazing!

Kersey Campbell said...

p.s. did you make the ice cream too? it looks amazing.

Katie said...

nope i bought it, although we SHOULD have made some. maybe that can be this weekend's activity!