Friday, October 14, 2011

my little friend

every wednesday and friday when i take the 3:40 bus home, a mom and her two little girls get on the bus one stop before i get off. the mom always sits next to the younger sister and the older girl sits somewhere close. they are probably around 4 and 6 years old. a couple weeks ago the older of the two sat next to me. i asked her if she was excited for the weekend and we chatted before i had to get off. ever since then, she usually waves when she sees me and her little sister waves, too.

today, the cute trio boarded the bus at their usual stop. the girl sat a couple rows behind her mom, then looked around and spotted me. she furiously waved and noticed the empty seat next to me. she started making her way over to sit next to me, but an older lady swiped the spot before she could get there. her little face was so sad as she settled back into her empty row. so before the bus got up to full speed i jumped into the seat next to her. she was so surprised and gave me a big "Hi!" then she showed me all the things she wanted in the toys r us ad she was carrying. my stop was next, so i told her to have a great weekend and that i would see her next week.

she is just great. i have no idea what her name is, but she is my little friend.

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Barb said...

Little kids always love you and Jeremy! xoox