Monday, October 17, 2011

slackers unite


i have been slacking off in the workout department. i mainly have been working out on mondays only. so weird, right? i have found that it's a lot harder to make time to work out when i feel like i should be reading for my classes or writing my papers. soooooo.... i have become a slacker. :(

has anybody else been struggling with staying motivated to work out?!? its easy to be lazy in the fall i have decided. you wear more clothes... so you feel less exposed and less conscious... maybe?? i just made that up, but i know i'm working out when swim suit season comes around.

none the less... i am struggling with working out. so let's do something drastic. who's with me? let's unite and plan to work out and keep each other motivated. i, katie, solemnly pledge to workout 5 days a week until the end of time. HA! just jokes. but in all seriousness... i, katie, solemnly pledge to workout 5 days a week until the end of the year. whew! i can do this! because working out makes me feel better about myself, it's good for my body, and it can be like 30 minutes. i can do 30 minutes a day.... so can you! oh and if i don't workout 5 days one week, i will not throw in the towel. i will just try harder to make time to take care of myself. wanna join me?

well, i did the 30 day shred today... so i am off to a good start! now i just have to make it happen on tuesday... one day at a time.

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April said...

hmm, i've only exercised one day this week - can i make a pledge? YES! 5 days a week - deal! plus, that's what we do best together, right? work out!