Thursday, May 31, 2012

i love homeruns!

jeremy's brother chris came to boston for a quick visit
, so yesterday
we spent the day showing him the city. we also took a boat ride in the harbor. i love boat rides!

the highlight of our day was catching a red sox game.

we arrived early so we could wander around the stadium and take lots of pictures.

jeremy took his mitt so he could catch any fly balls that came our way. some were pretty close!

i bought a souvenir cup to get free refills the whole night and to remember the fun.
fenway park only turns 100 once!

we had nice seats (12 ROW!! thanks chris!) and the game was amazing!
there was a lot of fun action - 3 home runs (2 even over the green monster),
an awesome diving catch; the weather was perfect (no need for sweatshirts);
and the red sox won! it was GREAT!

i love this town!
and i really need this poster.

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