Friday, July 6, 2012


our last day in maryland we slept in (well, i slept in while jeremy fished for a good
2 hours - that boy loves his fishing)
and then we hijacked a friend's pool for a couple of hours.
just me, jeremy, and his mom and the best part: the pool had a diving board.
i felt like i was a little kid. it was a blast.

jeremy's mom took these while we were doing tricks. i stick to back
dives (not very fancy i know) and jeremy is in the middle of some front flip twist thing.

after swimming we met jeremy's dad and went bowling. i rocked in the first
and beat everybody and then my scores got worse and worse. oh well.
i guess my arms exhaust quickly.

on the way home from the bowling alley we ran into a huge storm and returned
home to find the power out, so we had dinner by candlelight. when we investigated
we found a HUGE tree in the middle of the road. talk about adventure!

we flew home the next morning and luckily their power came on later that day.
maryland is always good to us. we loved the week off!

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