Thursday, July 5, 2012

our 4th

we started off the day by pledging allegiance to the flag and hitting up the church pancake breakfast. then we went on an almost 20-miler bike ride all the way to pennsylvania (totally thought we were going on a 5-mile-ish bike ride - ha!). we rode right by the very spot that sweet jeremy proposed almost exactly four years ago- awwwww! when we recovered from the impromptu work out, we spent the rest of the day at oregon ridge: a grassy area where we ate a red-white-and-blue dinner, played card games, cooled down with delicious treats (dreamsicle-pina colada "snowball" for me), listened to the baltimore symphony orchestra  play patriotic music, and witnessed a sweet firework show.

it was crazy hot until the sun hid behind the trees, then it was rather nice out. after the show, we rushed home to beat the traffic and played with sparklers in the driveway.

hope your holiday was lovely and filled with
your favorite traditions and American-y things!!

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