Monday, August 27, 2012

the shire

we spent the weekend at the blessed lakehouse in new hampshire

with the other first-year dental students to celebrate the new school year.

we did the usual fun things (kayaking, tubing, water skiing, etc) and this time
we also conquered the rope swing! thanks to dane and aimee for taking the sweet action shots.

it was a great sunny day for the lake!

and now presenting...

the newest second-years! YAY!
we made it through the first year!

and their lovely supporting wives. they couldn't do it without us!

we are almost in the same order as the boys... just flip-flop the girls in black to see who's married to who.

i am so glad we have such good buds to help us get through dental school.
it makes it way more fun than doing this on our own. and we are having a BLAST!

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