Friday, April 19, 2013


calls and texts from our schools woke us up early this morning.  we were told to stay home because of a shooting in cambridge.  my first thought, "here we go again," and i tried to go back to sleep.  but the texts and calls kept rolling in. we quickly found out that while we were sleeping, terror was rampant just 20 minutes away starting in cambridge and moving to watertown: shootings, explosions, car chases, etc.  the city was completely shut down (except of course a few dunkin donuts). as one tweeter mentioned, boston may be the only major city that if you mess with them, they will shut down the whole city, stop everything, and find you. we knew only two things when we woke up: one suspect was dead and one suspect was still on the loose. as the day went on, we didn't get much more information.  it seemed that even 10 hours later we knew just about the same thing: one suspect was dead and one suspect was still on the loose.  we were tethered to the news updates while trying to get homework done, but we had no idea what was happening.  the police force was tirelessly working to find him.  after hours and hours of their meticulous work and community cooperation, we heard the great news... the suspect was in custody!  he's alive and captured.  we can rest easy tonight, boston!  i'm not sure if we will ever find out about all the stories of bravery, acts of incredible kindness, and miracles big and small.  one thing i do know... this city is full of heroes.  

we are boston strong.

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