Saturday, April 20, 2013

i just realized...

something splendid.

this is my last weekend of homework!  

how glorious is that?!  this semester, and therefore my graduate schooling, is quickly coming to a close, which is strange and wonderful at the same time. classes end this week and my internship ends the next.  and this is all i have left to do (outside of the regular duties at my internship):
  • polish up the paper i finished writing today.  my last one... which i am pleased as punch about!
  • read a book - it's a short one... and seems like a good subway read to me.
  • write 2 process recordings, which are the bane of my existence. the BANE i say!!
isn't that fun!  an end in sight.  boy, am i feeling good?!  other to do's on the horizon that are not so splendid:
  • get a job. hopefully one that i want.
  • take the licensing exam, which i am tempted to take without a lick of studying.
hey, one step at a time.  i totally got this.

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