Tuesday, April 30, 2013

something cool happened today

on my way home i realized that i had quite a busy day at my internship (one more day left!!), and that it was also a really good day.

i did a utilization review (to get insurance coverage for one of my patients), ran a group, attended a training on the intersections of diabetes and gastric bypass surgery with eating disorders, facilitated a family meeting, took weights and vitals, ran another group, discharged a patient along with completing necessary paperwork, ran a therapeutic meal, wrote progress notes and group notes, faxed information to collaterals, and wrote an email update to the treatment team.

when i started this internship, if you were to tell me that i would be able to do all of these things in a day without being completely overwhelmed, i don't think i would have believed you.  i realized on the way home that i had accomplished multiple things that used to be so scary, without much extra thought - utilization reviews and family meetings were the most intimidating, although at the very beginning i was nervous about running groups as well.  it is motivating to recognize my growth and feel a sense of competence in my work.  cool how it just works out!

i think i am ready to graduate.

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