Wednesday, May 1, 2013

wednesday lunch

all semester long i have been having wednesday lunch with my good friends from school in between our classes.  we all met in our clinical practice class back in september of 2011 and we have grown so much over the last two years.  they are incredible people that i feel blessed to call my friends.  this was the first wednesday we didn't have class, but we couldn't bear to let go of the tradition just yet.  so we met up at the paris creperie to do what we do best: chat and eat good food.

i enjoyed a cheddar and chicken crepe for my lunch, the cashier, an older man, declared his disapproval TWICE for building a "create-your-own" crepe without veggies before he let me pay.  i told him my mom doesn't approve either.  he suggested adding broccoli, but that would have ruined the whole thing.  after my delicious "quesadilla" crepe, we all shared a s'mores crepe for dessert.  it was good stuff!  i have loved having lunch with these ladies.  we have been quite the support group for each other.  i will miss seeing them every week, but we already have plans for our next party.  good thing, because good friends make the world go round.

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