Thursday, May 2, 2013

i'm done!

today was the last day of my internship!  i can't believe it.  i don't ever have to work for free again.  how wonderful is that?!  i am done, Done, DONE with school.  all i have to do is walk across a stage in a weird robe to complete the entire experience.  what a learning opportunity this year has been!?  i have learned so much in the past 9 months.  it has been a crazy adventure!  for our last day, my co-workers had a party for hannah, my delightful co-intern, and me.  they gave us beautiful homemade cards, some lovely flowers (mine are pictured on the left), and a plethora of treats to munch on during rounds.  it was a great ending to a great experience.  i have been so blessed to work along these talented people and i am so glad i get to stay! 

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Eric and Noelle said...

That is so exciting! Great Job!
ps. thanks for putting together the Ragnar, it was a blast!