Tuesday, May 7, 2013

i LOVE surprises!

on sunday, my mom, little brother, and grandma flew in and we headed to newport, rhode island.  we get to play and explore around these parts and then we head back to boston on thursday for my graduation when my dad and jeremy's parents fly in.  there is no rest for the weary around here.

well so back to this surprise...  it all started yesterday morning when sam insisted that we go to a verizon wireless store for an ipad case.  i was super bugged because he already had an ipad case and i did not want to be spending our time in rhode island looking at ipad cases.  but sam continued to insist despite my objections, and my mom was on board, to keep him happy i supposed.  well, we get to verizon wireless and we head over to look at the new iphone and my mom says, "do you want black or white?"  i was confused and then she said i was getting an iphone as part of my graduation present.  this was my reaction to the glorious news (sam was standing by prepared to catch it):

i am very excited to retire my old flip phone!

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