Tuesday, May 28, 2013

play day

yesterday we had the day off and the sun was finally shining.  hooray!
so what did we do?  we played, all day long.  

we started the day with some tennis, a sport i just love to play!

i'm glad jeremy likes it, too.  we had some sweet shots and good rallies!

then we went shopping for dress shirts because jeremy had a giftcard to spend.  after a very successful purchase, (he got the two shirts that were my favorite, that's true love right there) we went golfing with some friends.  we went to a par three course to work on our short game because we know mine needs work.  it was a blast as always and the weather was just perfect!  the first couple of holes were kind of rough, but i eventually fell into my groove.  jeremy of course did great.  he's a stud on the golf course, and all the time really.

see the orange ball on the left??  that was my tee shot on one of the holes.  right on the green baby!  woot woot! i even sunk the long putt and had the only birdie of the day.  it was legit!  i don't birdie very often so it was a triumphant moment that involved lots of screaming.  it was pretty awesome!

then we made our way to a BBQ to enjoy some freshly grilled grub, tasty desserts, and good company.  it turned out to be a lovely day off!  i wish we could play all day, everyday.

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