Sunday, May 26, 2013

west of the city

yesterday we took a little day trip to western mass.  i surprised jeremy with a stop at the basketball hall of fame in springfield, massachusetts. the birthplace of the sport.  he loved it!



it was a cool place!  they had all sorts of memorabilia, fun games, pictures, videos, and a court with tons of basketballs rolling around.  it was a great way to spend half the day, especially when it was non-stop raining outside.

 after our basketball journey, we stopped by a local farm to test out their strawberry milk and then we made it to our next destination: northampton, ma. 

 we wandered around the shops in the rain, ate some awesome burritos, and ordered some ice cream at the legendary herrell's.  it was the first shop to start mixing candy in ice cream.  pretty cool!  and so delicious!

 after that we were sick of walking in the rain and decided to get lost driving in the rain and exploring the little town.  it was gorgeous!  there were tall trees and forests in all directions with windy back roads to secluded houses.  we eventually made our way home.  what a fun day trip!

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Barb said...

ohh it looks like a good day trip!