Tuesday, May 14, 2013

working girl

yesterday was my first day of work at my real social work job.
and i LOVE it! woot woot!

 i got a job where i interned all year so i get to keep working with patients with eating disorders!  yay.  i really have liked it this year and it's what i really want to stick with.  part of the time i will be working with adults and the other part with adolescents using family based treatment.  i am excited for the change (i worked with mainly adults in my internship).  i feel so blessed!  i get to do individual, group, and family therapy.  also, my co-workers totally ROCK!  seriously, i lucked out.  i'm excited for the adventures ahead, oh as well as the paychecks.  this girl doesn't work for free anymore.  yeah, it's good stuff.

here i am at my fancy new desk: 

it's pretty bare, but i will start sprucing it up pronto.  any tips to keeping a work space organized, but not boring?

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KinseyBug said...

Good luck! That is so awesome what you are doing to help others!