Saturday, June 15, 2013

date night

last night we went north to richardson's dairies.
the rainy morning dissolved into the most lovely evening. the weather was absolutely dreamy. 

 we started with some of their delicious ice cream. can you believe we got the kiddie size?  and for less than $3 a pop, yes sir!  i think i want to go back next weekend.  we also visited the livestock: the cows and goats!  i love goats.  i totally want one someday and jeremy thinks i'm nuts.  but seriously, the little guy was so cute and friendly.  he ate grass right out of my hand.
 one of the cows licked my arm all over after tasting my shirt and 
i swear its tongue was like a foot long.  it was kind of gross.

 after the ice cream we decided to hit some balls at the driving range right next door.  smart people to have such awesome things next to each other.  we weren't planning on it, but we had our clubs in the back of the car, so we figured we might as well.  livestock, ice cream, and the driving range with my favorite person... yeah, it was a great night. 

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