Friday, June 14, 2013

too many steps

i just scheduled my licensing exam!  


it has been such a process.  i first had to graduate, that one is obvious. then i had to fill out an application (because graduating is not enough) to take the test and send in my transcript, letters from three references, along with a picture, a notary's approval, and money of course.  then i got a letter saying i was approved to register for the exam.  so i got online to register for it and pay more money.  but who knew that registering for it was not the same as scheduling it.  so i had to wait for an email with a link so i could schedule the test.  i got the email today and finally got to pick a day for this big test.  the soonest i could schedule it was for the morning of July 10th.  so in just under a month i will hopefully pass and be able to put some more letters after my name.  this is exciting stuff!  i better get studying!

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