Tuesday, August 27, 2013

let me buy you a tonic

for our morning date we went golfing.
it was just us and the old folks out on the course today, so of course we had a wonderful time.

i found a five dollar bill on one of the tees. true story! i gasped in surprise, my typical gasp that makes jeremy think we are about to get run over by a car, and told jeremy "i am rich!" as i pocketed the bill.  after he realized we were indeed safe, he said we should probably check with the group in front of us to see if they dropped it before we deem it ours, which of course i was going to do.  you should always try to return money, because they just might give it back to you, you know to reward you for being honest, and then you can have the money and a clear conscience.  at the end of the round, i found two of the three old men ahead of us in the clubhouse and asked them about the money.  unfortunately, it was one of theirs and i returned the cash to the rightful owner.  the conversation that followed was quite hilarious.  the guy thanked me for being honest and was trying to buy me drinks (a tonic - which i'm still not sure what that is.  i told him i was going to get slurpees - which were delicious - he probably thought i was 15), their buddy came in and announced, "here's our heavy hitter," while looking at me and i am completely confused, they seemed to think i could drive the ball well because they wanted driving lessons, and the other other guy started asking me if i am from here, i told them i was from out west and they decided that was the reason i was so honest, because i'm "not from around here," we laughed and i told them to enjoy the day, while the first man was still trying to buy me a drink.  funny guys.  they made my day.

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