Saturday, August 24, 2013

well fed

we spent quite a bit of our day at the temple and had a lovely time.

i love that place.  it brings comfort, strength, and peace into my life.  i know God knows me, my heart, and my worries.  he cares, he listens, and he answers.

when we were getting ready to leave, we found our good friends, eric and noelle, at the temple with eric's family (that came up from new york).  i love surprises!! we had quick introductions, chatted, and took pictures in front of the beautiful building. we invited them to get some grub with us at our pre-determined destination the Blue Ribbon BBQ (a place we wanted to try and only 6 minutes from the temple).   luckily, eric and noelle's gang were in the market for dinner and up for a some extras at their family dinner, so we scooted on over to the cool place.

the food was great and we all loved the atmosphere.  jeremy and i both ordered pulled pork sandwiches with green beans and mashed potatoes.  (we are soooo married.)  i tried to save enough of mine to take home seconds and it was tough to hold back.  i have already decided it will be the-after-temple-dining-spot.  it's too good NOT to go back!

it's always nice to be so well fed, spiritually and physically.  what a super day!

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