Monday, September 9, 2013

day date

with less homework around here, our weekends are full of playing around.

we started saturday off with some long boarding.  really, i long boarded while jeremy read outside.  the weather is quite delightful right now.  it's cooling off a little bit so we aren't sweating in the sun and it's still warm enough we don't need jackets.  i love this time of year. 

we ran some errands, got burgers for lunch, and then headed north to our favorite mini-golfing place right next to a dairy farm with ice cream made on the spot and the animals in the back. 

we putted around, shared an ice cream, and visited the animals.  the calves were a week old and sounded so funny when they mooed (they sounded just like a toy). and i just love the little goats they have.

then we went to our friends house to watch some college football.  byu surprised us with a win against texas!  it was a great game to watch.

i love dates that last all day long!

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