Saturday, September 21, 2013

Iron Town Diner

our quest for the best: BREAKFAST PLACE

round 4

325 Main St, Saugus, MA 01906

the deets:

the food: i got corned beef hash, eggs, and home fries (with chocolate milk - because it was my birthday!), and jeremy got the french toast with bananas and nutella.  the portions were perfect.  i don't like it when i eat everything and i am left wanting more. we cleaned our plates and were FULL.

prices: they were in the higher range as far as breakfast goes.  my plate was 8.49 (the chocolate milk was 2.79) and jeremy's was 7.79, we ordered fancier than normal though. 

service: the service was great.  it was busier than i thought it would be for just opening and our food was done pretty fast.  they opened less than two weeks ago, so they were very attentive.  we had three different people come to see how our food was.  if they weren't so friendly and nice, i might have been bothered. 

the verdict:
we will definitely go back.  it's close, delicious, and the atmosphere is lovely. it's brand new and seems to be a family thing, which we love to support.  they have lots of menu options and it's right by breakheart.  maybe next time we will try out their lunch menu.

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