Saturday, September 21, 2013

work party

last night we went to my work party at a country club.
we arrived late, so we missed most of the speeches.  it worked out great.  there was an open bar (hooray for free shirley temples!), dancing, and a photo booth.  also lots of desserts!

as you can see, my co-workers rock! (even when they're not buzzed.)  i love that jeremy got to meet the fun ladies i hang out with everyday.  they are hilarious and we had a blast dancing the night away and playing in the photo booth.  it was a perfect party in my book.

one thing to note, i need a better go-to dress for events like this. i ended up going in some black dress i've had since high school.  i jazzed it up with a red belt and wedge heels, but still.  since i'm kind of an adult these days, i should clean house.

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