Friday, September 20, 2013

quarter century

my birthday is my very favorite. it's the best day of the year.
here is what i did yesterday, the day i turned 25!

{self portrait at 25}
last year's here

jeremy took the morning off to hang out with me on my special day. we slept in and went out to breakfast. (breakfast round up to come.)  

 then we wandered breakheart and found a new lake to visit.

 then i had to get ready for work.  i figured if i had to work on my birthday, i was going to bring treats and make it a party. so i stopped by kane's to get some famous donuts for my co-workers.
they were amazing! - as usual.  the flavors i got were: apple crunch, reese's peanut butter cup, cookies and cream, red velvet, boston cream, turtle, honey dipped, chocolate honey dipped, maine blueberry, chocolate marshmallow, jelly, and creme brulee.  my new favorite is maine blueberry. it tastes like a blueberry muffin doused in frosting.

work wasn't all that bad.  ha, i love my job.  my friends brought more treats to share, made a gorgeous card, and brought me flowers.  they are awesome.

after i worked for a while, jeremy and i headed to the cheesecake factory.  we both got chinese dishes, because i always get chinese food on my birthday.  yum!  jeremy let our server know it was the best day of they year, so they sang and gave me a free dessert. 

 then we made our way home for more dessert with some friends: wafer cake and ice cream.
 25 candles! (first year having to use more than one box.)

then i opened my presents!  i love presents.
  some of the highlights were a long boarding helmet to protect my brain, ankle boots from jeremy, and a gold elephant head from sam (I LOVE IT!!).  i also got some gift cards, an art class, and a 3 month subscription to whimseybox.  best birthday ever!

 to end the day, we made our way to the top of the parking garage to launch a floating lantern.  we lit it up, i made a wish, and then i let it fly into the heavens. 

 we watched it drift up and away and i thought it was awesome.   jeremy not so much, especially when we lost sight of "the fireball" -as jeremy dubbed it.  he wanted to be sure we didn't start any fires, so he drove around to check for any smoke or sirens.  turns out we were all clear.  (i have 19 left that i may or may not be sending off with jeremy around.  girl party?)

well, 24 was an AWESOME year! i graduated grad school, got a real job, and went on all sorts of adventures.  i'm sure 25 will be great, too.  life just gets better and better.  am i right, or am i right?

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