Sunday, September 15, 2013

i'm a sailor!

my saturday started off with a SURPRISE breakfast birthday party thrown by my friends! 
(my birthday is this thursday. hooray!!) if you know me well, you know i LOVE surprises and i am absolutely crazy about my birthday, so naturally it was the BEST.  it got even better when i realized we were having crepes.  yum!  thanks amber for organizing and hosting! and everyone for making me feel so loved.  you all ROCK!  my favorite combo was the cream cheese mixture, strawberries, bananas, nutella, and whipped cream.

good friends make the world go round.  :)

then we went...

on the Charles River no less.  i tell you, dreams do come true.  and luckily we have friends that make it happen. douglas got his phd at MIT and learned to sail at the MIT sailing pavilion. because he's an alum he can go sailing anytime he wants for FREE, so we took advantage of his credentials and skills and went on a sailing double date with him and melissa. we got chipotle to go for a late lunch and picnicked while we ventured around on the water.  i even took a turn sailing.  woot woot!  really i was just steering while douglas handled the lines, but i'm totally a sailor.  i really thought we were going to tip a couple times, but that is the nature of sailing i have learned.  we were on the water for a little over two hours and it was everything i dreamed it would be.  it was the perfect thing to do my last weekend being 24... and i am definitely the luckiest girl in the world.  i took tons of pictures to document the whole thing, so prepare yourself. 


 "I'm sailing!"  
i yelled that probably 20 times.  after i cut off i canoe, i explained to the occupants that i was a first time sailor.  i loved every minute! and of course, i wore my boat shoes.

 we watched some collegiate races on the water, too.  it looked very confusing and chaotic out there, but they somehow understood the course.  they were experts!

 the couple that made it happen-  i am forever thankful to you guys!!  seriously.

 after we took in our fill of the grandeur, we wandered the streets of cambridge and headed back home.  we decided to finish up the night by going to the movies and eating popcorn and candy for dinner - milk duds, sour patch kids, twixes, and milky ways to be specific (i love being an adult and making such preferred food choices). and that my friends, was how i spent my last saturday being 24.

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Melissa Cannon said...

yeah we had soooo much fun! Thanks for getting us to go! Tomorrow is the big day happy birthday eve!