Saturday, September 14, 2013

night of the bonfire

last night we headed north to have a bonfire.  i love a good bonfire, especially when friends and s'mores are involved.

when it comes to s'mores we don't mess around.  i usually go for peanut butter cups on mine, but for some reason i was really feeling the andes mints.  i don't think i could ever go back to just the plain milk chocolate.  the little extra mint or peanut butter seals the deal for me.

we sat around sharing stories for a few hours while watching the fire dance.  fire can be so mesmerizing and calming especially under a starry sky. even after the fire went out, we continued to watch the embers sizzle and dared each other to do a coal walk. don't worry, we all kept our shoes on.

bonfires are my favorite, and on friday the 13th!  what a perfect way to celebrate. (we got married on friday the 13th!)

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