Thursday, September 5, 2013


today, i had to go to my old stomping grounds to work on part of a project i'm not ready to reveal yet. i'm trying to be patient and wait until it's completely done.  i'm not doing much work on it, but i'm part of it, so it counts i suppose.  well, we were done sooner than i thought, so i had lots of time to kill before i had to go to work.  i hung around and read a book i brought until my meter ran out for parking and then i realized that if i headed to work right away that i would still get there an hour early, even after all of my stalling in the commons.

so i had gladys (my phone) find a lunch place around where i work. turns out she's a genius and pulled up some lunch and breakfast places and i was sold on having breakfast for lunch, although i don't take much convincing.  i settled on a breakfast and lunch place in braintree about 5 minutes from where i work.  when i arrived i found it to be the perfect stop for some tasty grub...

our quest for the best: BREAKFAST PLACE

round 3

349 Washington Street, Braintree, MA 02184

the deets:

the food: i got the breakfast sandwich (english muffin with egg, cheese, and sausage) and a side of home fries, which has been my favorite combo lately.  the home fries were just how i like them, seasoned with some burnt pieces.  yum.  i loved their version of the breakfast sandwich, and i'm starting to think that i may end up loving every version of breakfast food i ingest.  since i did this round solo, i don't have any other entrees to report on, although they had like a million pancake specials that sounded like desserts. :)

prices: the sandwich was 3.99 and the home fries were 1.79, so the prices were average for breakfast food. they only take cash (luckily, i had some!), but they do have an atm in the front of the place to help out with those that carry cards only.

service:  the service was pretty fast and the place was maybe half occupied.  i was surprised when my food came, but it may have been because i was getting lost in my book.  the server was attentive and didn't rush me when i hung around to read (and bide more time) after paying.

the verdict:
i would totally eat here again.  they have loads of unique options along with the cheaper prices.  it seems kristin has been dubbed "the pancake queen," so i may have to take jeremy to try those out.  it is quite a bit out of our way coming from home, but if we are ever on the south shore around breakfast or lunch time i would definitely make it a point to go back.

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