Tuesday, October 8, 2013

chalk it up to a success

today i had an awesome day at work.  

you know, how sometimes you have those days where you are like, this is exactly what i want to be doing!  i hope you do because you ought to feel some purpose or satisfaction in the work you do whether it be at home or in a workplace.  anyways... i had one of those days today, where i thought, "i love my job!"

my client was discharging from the program and filled out a satisfaction survey.  on the back is a comments section where they can give a shout out to a particular staff member if they want to.  she wrote, "Katie is amazing... so supportive, positive, encouraging, and optimistic!  She was crucial to my success and progress.  Her advice helped me so much and brought me comfort.  My weekly meetings with her were the best and most helpful aspect.  Katie was always so warm, friendly, and welcoming.  She always made me feel comfortable here.  She is a real asset.  She's inspiring." isn't she the sweetest?

earlier in the family session i had with her and her parents, her mom asked if i did private work.  i was a little surprised and asked what she meant, to be sure i understood the question.  she asked if they would be able to meet with me privately outside of the agency.  i explained that i didn't have the current license to have a private practice, and that i would be at that point in my career in about a year and half.  i was super flattered and obviously excited. that's the best compliment i could possibly get from a client's family.  and only 5 months out of school?! oh i love what i do!

as my client walked out of the door, she gave me the loveliest thank you note about the progress she has made and the positive work we have done together.  she was sure generous with her words and appreciation.  my friends think i should frame it and put it in my office.  maybe i will - to remind me of the process and the potential for change.  i love knowing i am making a difference.  i can help my clients fight for the change they so desperately need (and don't always want) in order keep their minds and bodies healthy.  these rewarding days make all the hard days and days in between worth it.  i love the work i do.

to top it all off, i also witnessed this gorgeous sunset from the window at work (perks of working nights).  and of course the pictures don't do it justice - my phone just wasn't able to capture the brilliance, intensity, and the real variety of the colors. 

what a lovely day, indeed?!

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