Saturday, October 5, 2013

paying together?

yesterday after work and school we met downtown to grab some dinner.  we settled on potbelly's, looked over the menu, and ordered the goods. we made our way to the register and the employee asked,

"are you paying together or separate?"

this question drives me crazy!  maybe this doesn't happen to you, i bet it doesn't actually, but it seems to happen to us almost every time we eat at any non-sit-down restaurants.  i understand how it can be a helpful question, but they ask us all the time.  i just don't get it.  do we look like we aren't a couple?  we are married, people!  do we have to be clinging to each other for them to see that?  after they ask us, i always wonder aloud to jeremy, "why did they ask us that?"  jeremy thinks its because we are young and look even younger.  i think it's because we aren't super affectionate when we are ordering our food.  ha.  who knows!  do you get this question?  is it really just us?

i guess i should tell the whole story of what happened at potbelly's since i started it. after the employee asked us if we were paying together or separate, we both responded at the exact same time... with different answers.  jeremy said together and i said separate.  i'm not really sure what came over me or why i said separate.  maybe i was going the sarcastic route because i am so sick of getting that question all of the time.  jeremy assured the guy that we would be paying together, that we were married, even.  ha.  it was pretty funny.


Barb said...

Love your feisty spirit !! Love the blog!! Love you!! Xox order

Amber said...

you crack me up. I am pretty sure I get that same question, but I always immediately say "these are together". You are a nut "Separate" hahaha