Thursday, November 28, 2013

giving thanks #28

i'm thankful for family traditions.
we participated in four of my family's thanksgiving traditions today even though we weren't with them.  that's the cool thing about traditions... they connect you to family and help you feel closer even when you are on opposite sides of the country. interestingly enough, my family started each of these traditions when we lived in Wyoming (1999 to 2004), away from all of our extended family.  there's certainly something about family traditions.  they just make life better.
 we started our morning off with pumpkin waffles and homemade buttermilk syrup.  my mom has been making these every year for at least 10 years.  jeremy and i tag-teamed it.  i made the waffles, jeremy took on the syrup (which he perfected beautifully this time!).  we plan to have round two this weekend.  can't let homemade buttermilk syrup go to waste.

we saw a movie in the afternoon.  we used to see the new disney releases every thanksgiving and sometimes we still do, but this year jeremy and i saw the new hunger games and it was awesome! we couldn't remember what happened in the book so we were pretty much on the edge of our seats.  movies on thanksgiving rock.  there were only six other people in the theater and who doesn't want lots of popcorn and candy for lunch?!

we enjoyed our delicious thanksgiving feast at a restaurant, joe's american bar and grill on newbury street, just like last year.  this started back in 2004 when we met our dear friends, the brus family, at disneyland for thanksgiving and we had thanksgiving dinner at the restaurant hotel.  we had such a fun time that we continued meeting them in different locations for thanksgiving every other year and finding a random place to eat our big feast. i love it because it suddenly becomes stress free holiday.  no slaving away in the kitchen before and after the meal.  just a play day for all!

we ended our night by adding things we are thankful for to our thankful tree.  for years ours has always been 2D, drawn on paper with construction paper leaves glued to the tree.  the concept must be gaining popularity because i have seen some pretty cool 3D versions online with real tree branches even.  maybe we will get all fancy next year.  it would be an adorable center piece for the whole month.
we had a lovely day.  hope your thanksgiving was lovely as well!

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