Monday, November 4, 2013

giving thanks #4

i'm thankful for drawing.

i seem to be collecting a lot of hobbies lately, drawing being my most recent one.  i took art in middle school and it was something i always enjoyed and never consistently pursued.  i have been wanting to take a drawing class the last couple of years and put it off because of school.  so i finally took the plunge this fall and enrolled in a class at the BCAE.  and i loved it!  it gave me the confidence boost i needed to just go for it (sometimes i don't do things because i'm afraid of failing).  i finished drawing my potted succulent today and while it certainly isn't perfect, i am proud of it.  i can see myself improving and it is really refreshing to get in the zone.  my whole mind fills up with observations... studying the shapes and light patterns i see and trying to recreate it on paper.

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