Friday, January 3, 2014

back to the grind

thursday we slept in, packed our gear, called delta about 10 times to find out that our flight was indeed schedule to fly to boston, went out to lunch, played games, called delta some more, and begrudgingly headed to the airport.

much to our surprise our flight did actually take off as scheduled despite reports that the boston airport was closing three hours before our arrival.  turns out that media lies, sort of.  it wasn't closed, because we landed, and at the same time it was closed, because nobody else did.  there were hundreds of flights cancelled going into boston and ours wasn't.  still not sure that was the smartest decision.

 as we were taking off the pilots were telling us all about their flying experience - 28 years flying planes, both flew for the air force, and have flown together a lot.  they were confident they could get us to boston safely.  yada yada yada.  after a few bouts of turbulence, some crying from the row behind us, and a second go around for the landing, we safely touched land.  everyone was so pleased to be alive that applause erupted when we realized we were indeed safely on the ground.

it was the scariest flight i have ever been on, and since i haven't been on many scary flights, that's not really saying much.  but there was a moment when i considered that we might not make it (when it was pure white out the windows, the landing gear was getting ready, and the turbulence was at its high point).  here's our plane after we landed:

and now i am back at work with my co-workers asking me how on earth i made it back to boston in the middle of a blizzard!  yeah, i'm not really sure.  i really wanted to stay and play a couple more days.  all i know is that my blessed vacation is over.  boo.  time to start planning the next one.

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