Thursday, January 9, 2014


with my hands. every week. either in my sketch book, with my knitting needles, with my calligraphy nibs, or any other creative outlet i end up exploring - because i'm sure i will dabble in new things.  i am a hobby collector after all.

daily. to appreciate my body.  i don't want the focus of my workouts to be on changing my body. my body isn't perfect and that's ok.  it rocks regardless.  it helps me do a whole lot of things.  i want to enjoy the body i have and appreciate it by keeping it healthy. 

(the word of God daily) and for fun, too.  i need to find a balance when reading novels. i go through phases of reading like it's my job and then phases of not reading at all because i want my life back.  i want to enjoy a book and be able to put it down to enjoy more important things.

i want to serve someone each week.  i want to take time to notice what others need and then do what i can to help.  maybe it's a plate of cookies, a thoughtful conversation, free babysitting, a lunch date, an anonymous note, a meaningful hug.  something to show love for someone else.

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