Monday, January 13, 2014


we started a competition with my family for the new year.  one of the things we earn points for is eating a fruit and vegetable every day.

jeremy wanted to get some V8 so he could easily get his veggie in (i went the route of spinach smoothies and lots of green beans).  i told him it was gross - i haven't tried it, but veggie juice... it just has to be gross.  jeremy insisted that it wouldn't be that bad and if it was, he would choke it down.  i didn't believe him and we bought it anyway.

the next day, he went for it. there was gagging, coughing, and "that's terrible!" from the kitchen as he tried to get a whole glass down.  he had to chase it with milk.  lots of milk.

he has been slowly chugging away at our hefty 46 oz jug of V8 (go big or go home!).  he says it is getting a little easier - he has a gulping technique to minimize the contact between the juice and his taste buds.  i have been pretty impressed.  i couldn't do that.

(i had to have some one night to earn my point and it was awful stuff, like tears coming out of my eyes awful.  not doing that again.)

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Noelle Maughan said...

This made me laugh out loud! i am impressed though, I wouldn't go near that stuff!