Wednesday, January 15, 2014


this week's create project:

hand-sewn valentines for my co-workers!

so maybe you aren't thinking about v-day yet, or maybe you are and you don't plan on passing valentines out. sometimes i pretend i'm five and i couldn't help myself when i saw these cute things on pinterest.  i just want to help spread the love (and candy) this valentine's day.  i also thought it would take me longer to make 14 of them, which is why i started in the middle of january.  but alas, give me some felt, embroidery floss, candy... and BAM! valentines for my friends at work.  now i have to wait a whole month to pass them out. life is so hard.  i just hope i don't eat all of the candy in the meantime.

sidenote: it was less than $5 for the whole project, including the bag of starbursts, and it provided awesome crafting entertainment.  also, i printed the template at 150% so i could fit more candy into the felt hearts.

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